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yearly orbit 84 years

Is the great awakener.  In Greek myth it is associated with Prometheus, who stole the fire from the gods in order to better humanity.  Uranus is this rebellious spirit, that seeks an innovative way of claiming ones own freedom and true independence. It is associated with the future, and outside-the-box thinking.  Uranus is the inventor within us, that does it's best to use the laws of Saturn to work for our advantage. Uranus is the planet that connects us to our sense of humanity, and the notion of the "greater good".  It is the planet-mind that is shaping  rapidly with the invention of the internet.  Knowing where and in what sign and house this planet falls, as well as the aspects that it makes can put you better in touch with the revolutionary in you, the Promethean spirit that wants to break some rules in the name of true freedom. 


yearly orbit 165 years

Is the god of the sea, the vast and mysterious depths of the waters of the collective unconscious.  Carl Jung spoke about how we have a personal unconscious (which would be the moon) and a collective unconscious, which includes memories of all the people that came before us.  These widespread memories show up in myths, music, dreams, art and symbols.  Poseidon is the god associated with Neptune in Greek myth, and he rides a chariot pulled by two hippocamps, which are mythological sea-horses.  In the brain, the two hippocampi are the sea-horse shaped parts of the brain that are wide awake and active during dream states. Knowing your Neptune sign, house placement and aspects that it makes can lift the veil into the greater dreamer within, as well as alert you to where the dreamer may be adding too much fantasy/ illusion into your life.


yearly orbit 248 years

Is the god of the underworld, which would be our buried emotions.  These emotions are ones we would rather not face so we unconsciously shove them so far beneath the ground where they seem to be forgotten.  The thing is, they are not forgotten.  They become part of the subconscious mind, which holds the power.  In Greek myth, Pluto is Hades, which means "hidden one".   He is also know as the "rich one" because he possessed the precious metals of the earth.  This is synonymous with the psyches repressed feelings being a source of richness if we can only tap into them and welcome them back into the light of understanding.  Shadow work is when we work to integrate our darker, repressed sides with the rest of ourselves to become more whole (true wealth).  Understanding Pluto by sign, house placement and the aspects that it makes can shed some light on our buried issues, that are really just buried treasures awaiting discovery. 

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