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psychic lights

The Sun 

Purposive, life-affirming fire.  Long-term purpose that fuels the Will.  To know this purpose is to be receptive to your true promptings.  As stated on the wall of the Temple of Delphi (Sun God Apollo's Temple):

                                    Know Thyself.

The Moon

Your all-powerful Subconscious Mind, dark and fertile.  Like Moon-Goddess Artemis, you must protect your forest, and hunt down that which would impede it's flourishing (i.e. thoughts that self-sabotage).  


The Will.  That what makes a person more than a passive bystander.  Notoriously under-used.  Miraculously effecting at unleashing vital energies.   


Love and art.  Aesthetics.  What and who you are drawn to.  Understanding yourself better through understanding who and what you love.


The thinking mind.  Perception.  
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