What is Toroidal Astrology

Toroidal Astrology brings the wheel of the zodiac into dynamic play with the aspirations of learning and growing.  The torus is an energy-generating field that is the true shape of all living creatures in the universe, and quite possibly the universe itself.   


Every living creature has an inner place in which it establishes relations.  As it reflexively relates, and draws the world deep into its center, it has the capacity to know what to do in accordance with its own nature.  

With the beginning of reflective thought, the human's world has become far wider and deeper, and it continues to grow each day.  The human's center, its nature, has become infinitely deeper and more mysterious in its aspirations to relate to an ever-expanding world.

By turning the wheel into a torus shape, Toroidal Astrology aims to restore balance to the inner and outer phenomena that make up the alluring tapestry of existence.  


My book, "Toroidal Astrology, The Future of the Zodiac", will be ready in Winter, 2022. 

Tess Hadley Durand